tDCS Helps Repair Brain Damaged By Stroke

tDCS Helps Repair Brain Damaged By Stroke

Mild noninvasive electrical current to brain could help stroke patients 

A simple, inexpensive device that delivers electrical current to the brain noninvasively could help stroke patients recover lost motor ability. According to a new study, the treatment–transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)–in combination with occupational therapy boosted recovery better than either treatment on its own.

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The DOT: Future Concept Car That Networks With Other Vehicles

The DOT: Future Concept Car That Networks With Other Vehicles

Concept DOT 

Certain design elements of the Concept DOT remind us of the stackable cars concept, and well, it does appear to have functions similar to MIT’s concept as well. The zero emission vehicle moves on three wheels and uses electromagnetic motors to propel itself. While on the road, it is capable of networking with other vehicles, and even allows attaching of similar vehicles. Again, something similar to MITs stackable concept. (Pics)

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Learning With Robot-Aided Therapy

Learning With Robot-Aided Therapy 

A robot named Cosmo has become six-year-old Kevin Fitzgerald’s unlikely ally in his uphill everyday battle with developmental difficulties.

At a strip mall clinic in suburban Maryland, Kevin is at the unlikely intersection of new efforts to treat symptoms of autism, cerebral palsy and other developmental disorders with robotics and computer work.

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RORMaxx – Wind Powered Sports Car

RORMaxx - Wind Powered Sports Car 


In the ongoing search for alternative energy, few things have been so overlooked as wind. Granted, many places are beginning to accept wind power as an easily accessible form of renewable energy, but still others don’t see its potential. It is this problem that 2 young minds from California have set out to solve.

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London’s Double-Decker Reinvented For The 21st Century

London’s Double-Decker Reinvented For The 21st Century 

Those iconic double-decker Routemaster busses are disappearing from London streets, now running on only a few “heritage routes” in the city. Industrial Designer Hugh Frost wants to bring back a similar bus with this radical idea he calls Freight*BUS, streamlining the top-heavy conveyances while vaguely suggesting their original shape.

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Elektro-Skate Electric Skateboard


I’m really starting to wonder if we, as human beings, are getting tired of doing anything requiring physical activity. I know that I rather like the conveyor belt walkways at theme parks and the cool-yet rather precarious-use of a Segue instead of walking.

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New Spin Record Set By Matchbook-Sized Motor

New Spin Record Set By Matchbook-Sized Motor 

 Test of the new motor from ETH Zurich’s Department of Power Electronics exceeds 1,000,000 rpm in the digital readout.

Industrial motors can spin at a head-spinning 250,000 revolutions per minute. But a new matchbook-sized motor runs circles around the competition.

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21st Century Car: Ford Model T 2.0


Made For Your Average Small Guy, and only 3 wheels

It’s been 100 years since Ford’s first Model T hit the road, and to commemorate the occasion, Ford commissioned a design contest to create Model T 2.0. Of the two winners of $25,000 in scholarship money, the Model T2 design you see above was our favorite, a three-wheeled coupe from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. It has motors on each wheel’s hub, powered by compressed air. It also sports an unspecified “novel steering system,” which we figure has something to do with all three wheels getting into the act.


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