Robotic Taxi: A Taxi That Drives Itself

Robotic Taxi:  A Taxi That Drives Itself

Robot Taxi 

Eco Factor: Robotic car powered by electric motors.  With technology advancing at the pace it is today, we’ve to believe that by the end of the century we won’t be driving our cars around the city. Rather, we will just be sitting on the then historic driver’s seat and doing some work. While the concept looks futuristic, industrial designer Kubik Petr believes that nothing seems impossible with modern technology at hand. (Pics)

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HRP-4C Fashion Model Robot Just In Time For Tokyo Fashion Week



Just in time for Fashion Week In Tokyo, Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology has unveiled the HRP-4C fashion model robot. As you can see in this video, the robot has a series of motors situated throughout its 5-foot tall, 95-pound body that give it a rather life-like appearance.

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Smartfish Pro Self-Adjusting Ergonomic Keyboard

Smartfish Pro Self-Adjusting Ergonomic Keyboard 

 Smartfish Pro

Typing on the computer all day can lead to some problems. And I’m not talking lack of sleep and a steady diet of Hot Pockets. I’m talking carpal tunnel syndrome. Between comments on Facebook, twitter, gaming and commenting, we are all just one keystroke away from carpal tunnel at any given time. The Smartfish Pro is designed to help prevent it rather then causing it.

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IBM Helping To Develop A Hydraulic Hybrid

IBM Helping To Develop A Hydraulic Hybrid 

IBM is helping to develop a hydraulic hybrid (SHH) system — that promises dramatic fuel savings and environmental benefits — replaces the conventional drivetrain and transmission. The system uses hydraulic pumps and hydraulic storage tanks to capture and store energy, similar to what is done with electric motors and batteries in a hybrid electric vehicle.

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I-Swarm Project: Robotic Ants May One Day Build On Mars

I-Swarm Project:  Robotic Ants May One Day Build On Mars

I-Swarm Project

Recent discoveries of water and Earth-like soil on Mars have set imaginations running wild that human beings may one day colonize the Red Planet. However, the first inhabitants might not be human in form at all, but rather swarms of tiny robots.   Video after the jump.

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Playasphere: Battle Tank With A Difference

Playasphere: Battle Tank With A Difference


Product Description: The Playasphere is a battle tank with a difference. It spins, has two gigantic hemispheres for wheels, and spews flame balls. The “quasi-gyroscopic” crawler is an ostentatious act, with deafening speakers and weirdly built satellite dish components. The flame is created with the help of propane, while the mobility is taken care of by electric motors. Take the Playasphere into the desert for a spin and rest assured that it would be visible even 50 miles away (if some exaggeration is permitted!).

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ThoRR, The Fully Electric Open-Wheeler

ThoRR, The Fully Electric Open-Wheeler

If Caterham Seven-style open-wheelers are last century’s pinnacle of pure performance machines, it seems the concept will survive the transition to the electric age. Evisol’s ThoRR takes its body shape inspiration from a Lotus Super 7, and adds a 272hp Siemens electric motor with a Lithium Polymer battery pack. Quick, light, accurate and nearly silent apart from road noise, ThoRR fits the Caterham model of a driver’s car – there’s no power assisted steering or brakes, no ABS, gearbox or even a windshield, so you’re in complete control and you feel completely connected to the road through your machine. A range of 140km if you’re doing more than 100kmh limits ThoRR to being a Sunday afternoon thrasher, but new tech batteries like those in the Lightning GT will fix that in due time.

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The Fastest Rocket Sled On Earth

 The Fastest Rocket Sled On Earth

High-speed photography shows the shock waves produced by the rapid acceleration of the 4-stage rocket sled.

It might make the ultimate amusement park ride, if anyone could survive. Hitting hypersonic speeds of Mach 8.5–that’s 6416 mph, in civilian terms–a 4-stage rocket sled took just 6.04 seconds to blast the more than 3-mile length of track at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.

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