Duo Wear Borat-Style Mankinis To Climb Britain’s Three Highest Mountains

Mankini_man 111

The Worst Part Was The Chafing

Two squaddies almost froze their Borats off when they climbed the Three Peaks – wearing nothing but mankinis. Pals Jon Hodgson, 37, and Andy Watt, 42, braved temperatures of minus 12 degrees with windchill to complete their mad-cap challenge. But they posed in their garish green mankinis at the summits of the highest mountains in the UK. Jon, a corporal with Military Provost Guard Service, said: “The worst part was the chafing…”

World’s Most Dangerous Roads

road of death

Cyclists stopping for a break on the infamous Road of Death in Bolivia

Most drivers encounter unsafe driving conditions at one time or another.  Hazards appear in many forms, for instance, bad weather, drunk drivers or human error can complicate an otherwise uneventful trip.  On the other hand, sometimes the condition of the road can put your life in jeopardy.  Here is a list dedicated to all the white-knuckled drivers who have to brave the dangerous roads and to all of the crazy people who navigate them for fun.  (Pics)


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Want To Lose Weight? Try Living In The Mountains To Slim Down


Try living in the mountains to lose weight

Obese people should try living in the mountains if they want to lose weight, according to scientists.  Fat is much easier to burn off where the air is thin, researchers said, a phenomenon that could lead to tents that mimic the atmosphere of countries like Tibet and Argentina.


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Incredible Time Lapse Videos Of The Station Fire In Los Angeles


Timelapse – Los Angeles Wildfire

When a brush fire started near a ranger station in the mountains northeast of Los Angeles on August 26, no one would have guessed that over a week later, smoke would still be spewing over the city. The Station Fire has claimed 148,000 acres in Angeles National Forest, as well as the lives of two firefighters, making it the largest fire in Los Angeles history (and to make matters worse, an arson investigation is now underway). The billowing mushroom-like clouds of smoke that puffed up over the city those first few days made for a stunning backdrop for local filmmakers who captured nature’s fury in a flurry of timelapse videos. Here are five of the most stunning. (Videos) 

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