George Lucas Underground Volcano Lair




Ranch why not build his own death star to reside

Every evil genius needs a lair from which the run all of their daily affairs: everything from selecting the color of the company letterhead to plotting world domination. Usually these are hollowed-out mountain fortresses, secret inactive volcano lairs, or undersea secret bases. Because if you’re going to do something on such a massive scale, why not it with a little style and panache? Continue reading… “George Lucas Underground Volcano Lair”


New Cell Phone Opens Like A Book To A Larger OLED Screen


A new cell phone developed by Samsung opens like a book to reveal a larger OLED screen, essentially turning the phone into a portable media player. Samsung recently demonstrated the prototype at the FPD International 2008 tech trade show in Japan, possibly as the shape of things to come.

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3-D Viewing Without 3-D Glasses

3-D Viewing without Goofy Glasses 

 View high quality 3-D images without special glasses

With the release of a new set of 3-D video screens next week, Philips Electronics is bringing a sci-fi cinema standby a little closer to everyday use. Philips’ WOWvx displays–which allow viewers to perceive high-quality 3-D images without the need for special glasses–are now beginning to appear in shopping malls, movie-theater lobbies, and theme parks worldwide.

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How to Find Your Next Video Online

How to do you find the video you want to watch online?

How to do you find the video you want to watch online?

A March 2008 Synovate study sponsored by ClipBlast! found that when it comes to finding online video, search takes a backseat to unaided navigation (also known as discovery) and content recommendations.

When US Internet users were asked how they found video on the Internet, 28% of respondents with a preferred method cited discovery. Recommendations from friends followed closely behind with 27% and search engines were chosen by 22%.

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