Barnes & Noble’s Powerful Multi-Touch Hybrid eReader


Barnes & Noble e-Reader

Take a Kindle, and put a multitouch screen where the keyboard and navigation buttons go, and you’ve got the Barnes & Noble e-reader.  We’re still a week away from Barnes & Noble’s big e-reader announcement, but we’ve know they’ve had something cooking for a while now. And today, our pals at Gizmodo hit the mother load: leaked shots of a forthcoming dual-screen device that is three-quarters e-ink and one-quarter (wait for it) color multitouch.


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An Inexpensive Pressure-Sensitive Touch Pad Makes Surfaces Smarter

kevin perlin

Ken Perlin (left) and Ilya Rosenberg show off the plastic sheets that are the starting point for their pressure-sensitive touch pads.

Now that more and more smart phones and MP3 players have touch-screen interfaces, people have grown accustomed to interacting with gadgets using only taps and swipes of their fingers. But on the 11th floor of a downtown Manhattan building, New York University researchers Ilya Rosenberg and Ken Perlin are developing an interface that goes even further. It’s a thin pad that responds precisely to pressure from not only a finger but a range of objects, such as a foot, a stylus, or a drumstick. And it can sense multiple inputs at once.

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Multi-Touch Surface PC Table



For it’s latest trick, Microsoft’s engineers have given the multi-touch Surface PC table a bartender’s sixth sense. If you set your drink down on top of it, the Surface will be able to detect just how full it is. At least, if it’s in a special glass.

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Spherical Shaped Computer Display


The Sensisphere is a really cool multi-touch display that takes the shape of half a sphere sticking out of the wall. Reminiscent of the fancy displays seen in the movie Minority Report, it lets you rotate and move objects and sort through information using your hands.


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