Germans Feel Threatened By Islam According to Poll


Muslim women wearing headscarves walk in an immigrant-heavy district of Berlin, Germany. 

Germans are less tolerant of Muslims than their western European neighbors and feel threatened by Islam — largely due to lack of contact with them, according to a survey released Thursday.  Only 34% of Germans in the west of the country and 26% in eastern Germany think positively of Muslims, according to a poll by the University of Muenster. In comparison, 62% of Dutch, 56% of French, 55% of Danes and 47% of Portuguese hold positive attitudes on Muslims.


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One In Five Americans Think Obama Is A Muslim

DAV obamamural

Misinformation comes in many different forms thanks to media manipulation

According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, 18 percent of people believe that president Barack Obama is a muslim, up from 11 percent last year. The number who know that he is a Christian is now down to 34 percent. Most of the rest, 43 percent, don’t know. Sixty percent of those who say Obama is a Muslim cite the media…

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The Campaign Against Women Cyclists


Trying to forbid girls and women from riding bikes is nothing new.

Female cyclists have a hard enough time – we are generally a bit more safety-conscious and reticent when it comes to getting out on city streets, and the athletic among us who do fearlessly dive into bike racing and other cycling sports do so with less support or acknowledgment from the rest of the sporting world than men cyclists get. So the last thing a female cyclist needs is a fatwa – a ruling on a point of Islamic law.


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Indonesian Muslims Told To Change Prayer Direction



Indonesia’s Muslims learned on Friday they have been praying in the wrong direction, after the country’s highest Islamic authority said its directive on the direction of Mecca actually had people facing Africa.

Muslims are supposed to face the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia during prayer and the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) issued an edict in March stipulating westward was the correct direction from the world’s most populous Muslim country.


Malaysia May Hold International Conference on Caning Muslim Women

Banda Aceh, women are caned under local Islamic law_

Muslim woman receiving caning

Malaysia may organize an international conference on the issue of caning and whether it is an appropriate punishment for women under Islamic law. Women’s Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said in a statement Tuesday that she would seek Cabinet approval to hold such a conference.


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Airport Body Scanners Violate Islamic Rules of Modesty


A combination of images shows a security guard demonstrating a body scanner

Saying that body scanners violate Islamic law, Muslim-American groups are supporting a “fatwa” — a religious ruling — that forbids Muslims from going through the scanners at airports.

The Fiqh Council of North America — a body of Islamic scholars — issued a fatwa this week that says going through the airport scanners would violate Islamic rules on modesty.


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UK Independent Party Wants To Ban Wearing Burkas


It would be the first national party to call for a total ban on the Islamic headgear.

The UK Independence Party is considering a call to ban the wearing of burkas, it has been reported.  It would be the first national party to call for a total ban on the Islamic headgear; the far-right British National Party believes they should be banned from schools.


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Is Terrorism A Diminishing Threat?


Najibullah Zazi after his arrest in a terrorism investigation

Eight years after 9/11, the specter of terrorism still haunts the United States. Just last week, F.B.I. agents were working double time to unravel the alarming case of a Denver airport shuttle driver accused of training with explosives in Pakistan and buying bomb-making chemicals. In Dallas, a young Jordanian was charged with trying to blow up a skyscraper; in Springfield, Ill., a prison parolee was arrested for trying to attack the local federal building. Meanwhile, the Obama administration struggled to decide whether sending many more troops to Afghanistan would be the best way to forestall a future attack.


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Female Suicide Bombers Become Latest War Tactic



In this chilling security camera footage, a female suicide bomber
is seen patiently answering questions in a bustling government office
before calmly standing up and detonating the bomb hidden in her bra.

Since the 2003 invasion, 53 Iraqi women have either carried out suicide attacks or were apprehended before they could do so, according to the U.S. military. The attacks have killed more than 370 people and injured 650. This year, there have been 31 female bombers, including 17 in Diyala province, northeast of Baghdad. The youngest bomber was 13, according to U.S. military statistics.

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Muslim Women Complain That Veils Increase Harassment

Muslim Women Complain That Veils Increase Harassment

The stricter the rules, the goofier the women appear

In a Muslim country where the numbers of women wearing the veil are rising, and so — by most accounts — are incidents of groping and catcalls in the streets, the message in ads circulating anonymously in e-mails in Egypt is clear:

“A veil to protect, or eyes will molest,” one warns.

The words sit over two illustrations, one comparing a veiled woman, her hair and neck covered in the manner known to Muslims as hijab, to a wrapped candy, untouched and pure. (Pics)

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Survey: American’s Viewed Negatively in Muslim Countries

Survey: American’s Viewed Negatively in Muslim Countries

Little does he know how much they hate him

The image of the United States remains overwhelmingly negative in most of the predominantly Muslim countries surveyed, a latest global poll revealed on its website.

According to the Pew Global Attitudes Project, in Jordan, one of the key regional allies of the United States, 79 percent respondents have a negative light of the world power, registering the highest unfavorable rate among the surveyed Muslim nations. Only 19 percent hold positive views.

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