Researchers Discover a Way to Create Aluminum Alloy as Strong as Steel


Surface etched aluminum bar

Using a technique that creates a new nanoscale architecture, researchers have created an aluminum alloy just as strong as steel but with reasonable plasticity to stretch and not break under stress. Importantly, the technique of creating these nanostructures can be used on many different types of metals and the team plans to work on strengthening magnesium, a metal that is even lighter than aluminum that could be used to make strong, lightweight body armor for soldiers.


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Dye-Sensitized Solar For On-The-Go Recharging


Flexible dye-sensitized solar panels incorporated into this bag make it capable of recharging electronic gadgets.

The first commercial product to incorporate dye-sensitized thin-film solar cells will soon be on the market. Backpacks coated with the cheap, lightweight, and flexible solar cell, for on-the-go recharging of portable gadgets, were unveiled at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair last week.


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Nano-Ink: Spray-on Solar Cells To Harvest The Sun


Nano-ink could replace standard method of manufacturing solar cells

This is one powerful idea that would do away with massive solar panels. Solar cells could soon be spray painted onto the sides of buildings or rooftops with nanoparticles.


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Nano-Structured Bone Graft Encourages Cell Growth

Nano-Structured Bone Graft Encourages Cell Growth 

 FortOss – Nano-Structured Bone Graft

Bone grafts can more closely mimic the chemical structure and composition of natural bone, thanks to a new material. Like other synthetics, the material minimizes the risk of immune rejection, but it’s much better at encouraging cells to grow.

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