Web Site Offers ‘Friends’ For Rent


A Web site based in New Jersey that allows users to “rent a friend” for platonic outings said it has 1,200 paying members.

RentAFriend.com founder Scott Rosenbaum said the site, which started up five months ago, boasts 108,000 friends for rent and 1,200 customers paying $24.95 a month to browse the profiles.

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AT&T Offers $49.99 Notebook


$49.99 are you serious?

Confirming earlier rumors, AT&T has announced it will begin offering subsidized netbooks by both Aspire and Dell with the goal of locking customers into long-term 3G data plans. The lineup includes an Acer Aspire One, Dell Inspiron Mini 9 and Mini 12, and LG Xenia (apparently an MSI Wind rebadge), with prices ranging from a mere $49.99 to $249.99 – down from their regular price of $449.99 to $599.99 according to the carrier. Continue reading… “AT&T Offers $49.99 Notebook”

China To Offer Free Schooling for Migrant Kids

China To Offer Free Schooling for Migrant Kids

 A new era for China’s migrant children

Children of migrant workers will have the same education opportunities as their urban counterparts before the end of this year, the China Ministry of Education (MOE) said Tuesday. “The central government will allocate funds to local education departments sufficient to cover extra education expenses in accordance with the number of migrant children they accept,” the ministry said on its website.

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Japan Offers Hi-Tech ‘Vault Graves’

Japan Offers Hi-Tech ‘Vault Graves’

Only the finest for the dead rich people

In one of the world’s fastest aging societies, Japanese seniors are worrying about a life-and-death issue: finding an “after-life” home in an island short of land. For some, going high-tech is the solution. In accordance with Buddhist tradition, most of the dead in Japan are cremated, and the urns carrying their ashes buried in traditional cemeteries with a gravestone marker.
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MySpace to Offer HyperTargeting Ad System

MySpace to Offer HyperTargeting Ad System

Rather than giving everyone the full-sex treatment with its ads,
MySpace wants to create ads that are more relevant to its readers

MySpace will give users the option of whether they want to participate in a targeted advertising system that mines their profile’s information, a senior company official said on Tuesday.

MySpace’s HyperTargeting system will look at a person’s interests listed on their public profile and then classify the user into particular interest-specific categories, said Travis Katz, senior vice president for MySpace International.

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