Ethical Questions Raised When Lab Produces Monkeys With Two Mothers


Scientists have produced monkeys with genetic material from two mothers, an advance that could help women with some inherited diseases have healthy children but that would raise a host of safety, legal, ethical and social questions if attempted in people.

Scientists Cannot Explain Why Female Beetles Mate With Multiple Males

Scientists Cannot Explain Why Female Beetles Mate With Multiple Males

Seed beetles are polyandrous

Seed beetles are polyandrous – females mate with multiple males, and choose which sperm will fertilize their eggs afterward. Scientists long believed they did this to get the best sperm. But a new study shows the fittest males always lose.

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Smoking During Pregnancy Predisposes Children To Aggression

Smoking During Pregnancy Predispose Children To Aggression


Women who smoke during pregnancy risk delivering aggressive kids according to a new Canada-Netherlands study published in the journal Development and Psychopathology. While previous studies have shown that smoking during gestation causes low birth weight, this research shows mothers who light up during pregnancy can predispose their offspring to an additional risk: violent behaviour.

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‘Project Wanted Horse’

‘Project Wanted Horse’ 

This year, as a humanitarian effort, the National Black Farmers Association (NBFA) and the Aminal Welfare Institute (AWI) launched ‘Project Wanted Horse,” assuring that any horse rescued from slaughter or an abuse situation would be placed on one of 94,000 NBFA farms across the country. Del Camino Equestrian Enterprises Inc., which takes a very special interest in “senior” horses has honored the NFBA its 2008 Best Humane Business Innovation Award for its commitment to senior horses.

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