Applecore Cord Organizer – Easily Organizes Any Tangled Cords


Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2010

The Applecore Cord Organizer is a patented multi-purpose cord management device made from a thermoplastic elastomer that resembles the shape of an apple core. It is designed for users to easily organize any tangled cords. Usage includes everything from MP3 headphones to desktop computing peripherals to home lighting appliances. (Pics)


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Twestival Contributors To Donate Through Tipjoy

Twestival Contributors To Donate Through Tipjoy

Like other cities in the Western U.S. and the world, San Francisco will be turning its attention to water shortages that could become severe this year. San Francisco-based Twitter has already gone to work on a grander scale, attacking the global water shortage crisis that affects 1.1 billion people.

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The Swan Coat Hanger

The Swan Coat Hanger

 Its a coat hanger and IQ test all wrapped up into one

Isn’t it about time somebody redesigned the boring old coat hanger? The Swan coat hanger prototype was dreamed up by industrial design student Asaf Yogev, who created a deceptively simple pattern that’s a whole lot more versatile than those old-fashioned hangers in your closet and mine.

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