The Slicer – All Season Sled

The Slicer - All Season Sled 

 Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

For snow sledding, the SLICERTM works like any normal sled that is placed on a slope that is covered with snow or ice. But to slide down grass covered slopes, just the opposite is done: instead of putting the SLICERTM on the snow or ice, ice is put on the bottom of the SLICERTM!

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Finally, An Outdoor Air Conditioner

 Finally, An Outdoor Air Conditioner

You’re sitting outside in the late summer heat, dripping buckets while you watch the kids frolic in the pool. Even if you’re getting a tan, it’s still miserable. Thankfully, now there’s the Bollard Cooler, engineered by Richardson-based IntelliCool. This whisper-quiet outdoor air conditioner can spew cool air across 250 square feet of your yard or patio.

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