Pac-Man Hacked Onto Voting Machine

DAV avc-screen pacman

Voting with a ghost?

We sincerely doubt any of our readers really believe that the voting machines we use every year are truly secure. The Droid X has better protection against hacking than these glorified ATMs running on 486 processors and CF cards. But it’s still fun to see a demonstration every once in a while. And how better to use an upright console like this than to play Pac-Man on it?

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Step Back Into The 80’s With Your Authentic 1980’s Arcade Game


 Announce Your 80’s Geekiness With New Arcade

If you yearn for the days before PlayStation and Xbox, when you had to haul you butt down to the local bar and slip in a couple of quarters to get your video game fix, then the Optime Strategies video gaming table could be for you. Run by a built in PC, it comes preloaded with over 1700 vintage games including favorites like Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Frogger, using software developed by a group called MAME. The graphics and music files used have been downloaded directly from the original arcade versions ensuring absolute authenticity.

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