Paraplegic Man Walks Again After Spider Bite


Brown Recluce Spider

He’s been confined to a wheelchair for 20 years. Now a paraplegic man is walking again. And his doctors call it a miracle.

A motorcycle accident almost killed David Blancarte 21 years ago. At the time he might have wished he was dead. “I asked my doctor, “sir what happened?’ I can’t feel my legs,” said David.

Ever since, David’s been relying on his wheelchair to get around. Then the spider bite.

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Wearable Robotic Arm

Wearable Robotic Arm 


Paraplegics and the elderly often face problems with their joints and muscle movements. When stuck to bed owing to their illness, patients tend to develop contraction of muscles that could be irreversible, and regular range of motion exercises through physiotherapy is the only alternative left. There are a few muscle and joint extractors available to assist, but Tail-wrist-II seems to be a novel makeover in the category. Developed by Hideyuki Tsukakoshi, assistant professor of Mechanical Control Systems at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the Tail-wrist-II is designed to prevent contraction of muscles and joints.

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Dreamfit: The Motorcycle For Paraplegics


When motorcyclists have an accident they roll a dice, with escaping unscathed on one side and very severe consequences on the other. And for those unlucky enough to sustain severe and permanent injuries like paraplegia, there’s often one huge regret – that they may never ride again on a real bike. A chance encounter with a paraplegic ex-motorcross champion in a hospital carpark inspired West Australian Darren Lomman to put together an audacious project: a motorcycle for paraplegic riders – and his working prototype, a heavily modified Honda CBR250RR, is now road licensed and operational. With the right investment and profile, Lomman believes the Dreamfit bike isn’t too far away from production potential – and after around 150 enquiries from all around the world, he would love to be able to put the bikes in the hands of more people for whom riding has become an impossible dream.

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