Parents of New Babies Miss 6 Months’ of Sleep in the First Two Years

baby crying

New parents miss 6 months’ of sleep in two years.

Parents of new babies miss out on six months worth of sleep in the first two years of their child’s life, according to a study.  Most get less than four hours uninterrupted rest a night because of crying offspring.


Adopted Children Face Anguish As Birth Parents Stalk Them On Facebook


The natural parents of adopted children are increasingly using Facebook and other social networking sites to track down their offspring, flouting the usual controls and safeguards. Adoption agencies are reporting huge numbers of calls from “deeply distressed” adoptive parents whose children have been contacted out of the blue…


New Era of Designer Babies with Three Parents and No Hereditary Diseases

designer babies

How the new designer babies are made.

Dozens of human embryos with three parents have been created by British scientists, ushering in an era of designer babies.  The embryos – which effectively have two mothers and one father – have been genetically engineered to be free from incurable muscle, brain, heart and digestive illnesses, some of which kill within hours of being born.


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Study: Moms and Dads Spend More Time With Their Families Than Parents of Earlier Generations


Parents today spend more time with their families

Working parents perpetually agonize that they don’t see enough of their children. But a surprising new study finds that mothers and fathers alike are doing a better job than they think, spending far more time with their families than did parents of earlier generations.


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Children Can ‘Catch’ Stress From Their Parents

child stress

Stress affects success at school

Parents who push themselves too hard at work may harm their children’s chance of success at school.  Research shows that mothers and fathers with career burnout pass on their feelings of disillusionment at home. Their offspring are more likely to lose interest in schoolwork.


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Is It Safe To Post Your Children’s Photos To Online Photo Sharing Sites?


For Jessica Gwozdz, a professional photographer and mother of two, Flickr was a blessing. It allowed her to share photos of her children, Grace and Henry, with distant, tech-averse relatives for whom a username and password would have been too great an obstacle. It even allowed potential clients to freely browse her gallery.

Then a friend sent her an e-mail message with the kind of subject line no parent cares to read: “Oh no — it’s Gracie.”


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Children Who Are Spanked Have Lower IQ’s


Children who are spanked have lower IQs worldwide, including in the United States, according to new groundbreaking research by University of New Hampshire professor Murray Straus. The research results will be presented Friday, Sept. 25, 2009, at the 14th International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma, in San Diego, Calif.


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Teens Cell Phone Use Catching Up To Adults


Teenagers have previously lagged behind adults in their ownership of cell phones, but several years of survey data collected by the Pew Internet & American Life Project show that those ages 12-17 are closing the gap in cell phone ownership. The Pew Internet Project first began surveying teenagers about their mobile phones in its 2004 Teens and Parents project, when a survey showed that 45% of teens had a cell phone. Since that time, mobile phone use has climbed steadily among teens ages 12 to 17 — to 63% in fall of 2006 and to 71% in early 2008.


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