Gandhi Peace Symbol Made Into Diesel

Respectfully Converted to Bio-diesel
A pet elephant that once belonged to Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi and was given as a symbol of peace and friendship to the people of former Yugoslavia has been turned into diesel.

The 42-year-old Indian tusker – called Sony – died two months ago of heart failure and the plan to turn the enourmous corpse into bio diesel was agreed on after a special park task force was set up to work out how best to work out what to do with the body of the prízed symbol of peace and friendship.


Cash Reward Offered For Tony Blair’s Arrest

Arrest_Blair 1234
UK citizens can claim a cash reward by attempting to peacefully arrest former prime minister The Reverend Tony for crimes of aggression.

Newspaper columnist and author George Monbiot has launched a website offering guidelines for people seeking to undertake a citizen’s arrest of Blair, as well as accepting donations to reward those who try.


Awesome Twisted-Wire Junk-Sculpture Automata From Zimbabwe


Scrap Art Extraordinaire!

From the It Takes a Village blog, an account of Zimbabwean artist Dexter Nyamainashe, whose twisted-wire junk-sculpture automata are fabulous, political and controversial:

Dexter Nyamainashe of Chiweshe, Zimbabwe is aged 41 and six years ago he started combining various art pieces he made to create what he describes as a “Global Village of Peace”. He uses scrap material to make little figures, minature homes and scenes which come alive when he rotates a piece of wire behind the art piece. The minatures move, they cook, they wash laundry, they play, they smoke a joint, they look for cattle etc… The animals fly, they run, they eat and they kill…Dexter says he has had a difficult time promoting his art locally for the following reasons:

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The Opposite of War is Not Peace

The Opposite of War is Not Peace

Thomas Frey: In 1976, President Gerald Ford issued an executive order forbidding the assassination of any foreign head of state. This order was issued when word leaked out that the CIA had made several attempts on Castro’s life as well as other “enemies” of the US. 


This is a topic that I’ve often struggled with because today’s solution to global conflict is often measured in the destruction of the many as opposed to the destruction of the few.  Not that I was in favor of assassinating Castro, but placing boundaries on the fighting of a war nearly always insures a larger, longer military engagement than simply removing a few problem people at the top.


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