Toyota’s Plug-In Prius Hybrid Goes Into Testing Across The Globe, On Sale In 2011

Good news, everyone! The target date for Toyota’s Prius plug-in hybrid (PHEV) is slightly less out of reach than the 2012 window we heard prior: according to Autoblog, it’s now set for late 2011 and the price is deemed “affordable.” Back to the present, as a tease to the world at large, the company’s planning to produce and ship just under 600 of the models over the next six months. That breaks down to around 230 for Japan, 200 for Europe, and just 150 for the ‘States. Government agencies, corporations, and universities are the primary recipients, and interestingly, half of those Euro-bound cars are going straight to Strasbourg, France. The only catch is that it looks like the autos will be sticking with its flashy, hyper-blue paint job — not that we mind one bit, but we can see that bugging a few people out.

48% Of Consumers In The U.S. Would Buy A Plug-in Hybrid Car



Nearly half of U.S. consumers are interested in buying a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, according to a survey released Tuesday by Boulder’s Pike Research.  According to Pike’s survey of 1,041 U.S. consumers, 48 percent said they would be “extremely” or “very” interested in buying a plug-in hybrid, or PHEV, with a 40-mile range on a single charge.


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