US Military Bans Physical Media To Curb Leaks


That bastard jump drive!

In the wake of recent high-profile leaks, some branches of the US military have taken a step that may be end up being as controversial as its cause. Ironically, the news comes via a leaked memo obtained by Wired’s Danger Room that insists that everyone from grunts to techs “immediately cease use of removable media on all systems, servers, and stand alone machines residing on SIPRNET,” under pain of court-martial.

SIPRNet would be the military’s internal network internet-like network used by the Department of Defense for some secure communications, cordoned off from the rest of the world by, I have assume, the most sophisticated firewalls and electronic countermeasures available. Otherwise, how could they think that a simple and unenforceable ban on removable media could possibly stop leaks? But I am facetious. The flip side of this TSA-like response to profound hemorrhaging of information is that perhaps we’ll see some interesting developments in cloud and connective services…

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