Picasso’s “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust” Sets World Record for Art Sold at Auction


Picasso’s “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust”

The vibrant large-scale depiction of Picasso’s mistress and frequent subject, Marie-Thérèse Walter, was the highlight of a world-class collection assembled by the late Los Angeles art patrons Frances and Sidney Brody. Picasso’s profile can be discerned in the blue background of the canvas.


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Men Might Have Biological Clocks, Too

Men Might Have Biological Clocks, Too

Pablo Picasso, 66, with his son  

Read between the lines of a recent study out of Australia and you can see hints of a coming shift in the gender conversation. Researchers at the University of Queensland found that children born to older fathers have, on average, lower scores on tests of intelligence than those born to younger dads. Data they analyzed from more than 33,000 American children showed that the older the man when a child is conceived, the lower a child’s score is likely to be on tests of concentration, memory, reasoning and reading skills, at least through age 7. 

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Sound Art By Kim Kuchul

Sound Art By Kim Kuchul 

The work of Kim Kichul is something that delves very deep in to both the scientific world as well as the spiritual world. It is one of the most amazing works of abstract art which Kim puts in the form of a definite science and uses to try and find a spiritual metaphor to the physical world. In its amalgamation of the three most different subjects of study and crafting them in a fashion where the compliment and enhance one another is a the work of a master who wishes not only to take his art to a new level but to find answers to question that have eluded man forever. Kim’s attempt to put Sound in to a visual form and his idea that vision and sound are not as dissimilar as we make them out to be, is simply awesome!

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