Ye Olde Digital Pinball Machine

Digital-Pinball-Machine 34251

This Pinball Machine($6,000) looks like an old pinball machine. In reality, it is a digital pinball simulator and comes with 17 different games in authentic, three-dimensional detail. The machine’s 32″ color LCD monitor that supplants the traditional playing field and the backglass includes a second LCD for displaying scores, game graphics, and the occasional mini-game. And the game is controlled with all of the classic trappings, a mechanical plunger, mechanical flipper buttons. WAY FREAKIN’ COOL!

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UltraPin: The Revenge Of The Revenge Of Pinball


UltraPin is a virtual pinball machine, which is to say it’s not really a pinball machine at all: all the action is contained within a standard enough video game, with the cabinet and controls in otherwise authentic shape. The table itself is a big LCD display.

Something vaguely similar this was tried at the end of the pinball era, but cancelled when it wasn’t immediately a massive success. The taste of sour grapes for all but the bean-counters, in other words. I can’t wait for a go of this latest monster, even if it seems, on the face of it, like just another serving of overbaked nostalgia.

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