Pink Floyd Only Wants You To Download Their Entire Albums, Not Individual Songs

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By the way, which one’s Pink?

Pink Floyd has won a court ruling that will put an end to places like iTunes selling its songs individually. The band feels that their music can only truly be appreciated in the album format, from start to finish, and it never liked people being able to pick and choose what songs they wanted to download.

The gist of the ruling—The High Court in the UK, to be exact—is that EMI, the band’s record label, won’t be allowed to sell individual songs from its catalog online. That means, from now on, you’ll only be able to buy The Wall as a full album online, and not merely “In The Flesh?” and “The Thin Ice.”

That’s the debate: should consumers be allowed to buy whatever song they want without having to buy an entire album?

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Weird Origins of 8 Popular Band Names


There are some strange bands out there with some even weirder names. Here’s a collection of bands and the story of how they came up with their titles. Included are Pink Floyd, Porno For Pyros, Gogol Bordello and 4 others!

Black Sabbath

Ozzy’s band of mischief didn’t start off nearly as dark as it ended up. The group’s first name was “The Polka Tulk Blues Company,” which was soon shortened to just “Polka Tulk.” After a while, they renamed themselves “Earth,” but had to change their name again when they found out there was another British band with that name.

One day, bassist Geezer Butler saw a bunch of people lined up at the theater across the street from their rehearsal room. The movie showing was the Boris Karloff movie Black Sabbath. He noted how much money people spend to see scary films and used the film’s title for a song he wrote inspired by occult writer Dennis Wheatley. This song changed the entire music direction of the band and they started playing much darker songs than other musicians of the time. In 1969, the group decided to change their name to “Black Sabbath”…

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