Improved Retinal Implant Stimulates Neurons To Restore Sight

Improved Retinal Implant Stimulates Neurons To Restore Sight 
A new retinal implant sits mostly outside the eye. 

For many blind or partially sighted people, implants that stimulate healthy nerve cells connected to their retinas could help restore some normal vision. Researchers have been working on such implants since the 1980s but with only limited success. A major hurdle is making an implant that can stay in the eye for years without declining in performance or causing inflammation.

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Nasa’s Hyperwall 2 Display

Nasa’s Hyperwall Display 

 23 foot by 10 foot display

NASA just unveiled its Hyperwall 2, the world’s highest resolution visualization system. What’s that mean? Well, it’s a 128-screen display that covers an entire wall, capable of rendering a quarter billion pixel graphics. It’s 23 feet wide and 10 feet tall. Yeah, it’s big and it’s awesome.

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A Celebration Of Pixel Art


Does This Look Like Your Room Too?

Pixel art lives both in and beyond computer screen. Artists design pixel art posters, magazine covers, album covers, desktop wallpapers, paintings, “pixelish” video ads and even pixelated tattoos. And there is a good reason behind it: in times when popular design solutions strive for real-life-look or perfection pixel art offers a distinctive and creative artistic approach which is extremely expressive. In fact, pixel art can be impressive as well. This post attempts to prove just that. Continue reading… “A Celebration Of Pixel Art”