Enchidna And Platypus Babies: So Ugly And Cute



So Ugly They’re Cute: Enchidna Babies

Platypus and echidna babies are considered to be the cutest… and some say the ugliest! You can make up your mind here, after seeing this wonderful series of images (by an exclusive permission of Australian photographer Den Whitton).

Den thinks “it’s unfair that the platypus gets all the fame when the echidna is just as weird, and even less understood. Spread the echidna love!”

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Platypus Proves Even Odder Than Scientists Thought


The Platypus Enigma Continues

At first dismissed as a prank, and later cited as proof that God has a sense of humour, the duck-billed platypus has finally given up its evolutionary secrets.

The creature, considered one of the strangest mammals in the world, has become the latest to have its genetic code sequenced, revealing it to be a bizarre mix of mammal, bird and reptile, with very complex sexuality. While humans have two sex chromosomes, the X and Y, the platypus has 10, with five of each kind.

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