Enable Variable Speed Playback in YouTube

youtube playback

YouTube improvements are on the way!

If your browser supports HTML5 you can opt into the experimental HTML5 video playback on YouTube. Not only will you get smoother video playback—goodbye Flash!—but you’ll be able to speed up and slow down your videos.

The variable speed control is great for seeing things in slow motion. DIY and tutorial videos often go too fast and watching something in slow motion is usually better than having to watch the same section over and over again to see what is happening.

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Nikon Debuts Multimedia Headset

Nikon Debuts Multimedia Headset

Media Port UP

Nikon has unveiled the latest, and perhaps the best, in Borg wanna-be accessories called the Media Port UP. The multimedia headset allows users to view video (up to 120 minutes of uninterrupted playback), and listen to music (up to 270 minutes of uninterrupted playback) via its 4 gigabyte or 8 gigabyte internal harddrive. Other features include Internet browsing with WiFi access, a rechargeable battery, and embedded motion sensors for hands free operation (operates by moving your head up, down, left and right).

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