Polar Bears the Most Contaminated Creatures on Earth

polar bear

Polar bears full of more toxins than any creature on the planet.

As their native habitat melts, polar bears have been forced into close contact with grizzly bears and humans—both of which have limited the iconic carnivore’s ability to obtain food. This, however, is not the only problem the bears face.


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Adorable Photo Of Polar Bear Cub Piggyback Ride


It’s been a busy, stressful week, with Iran’s nuclear plans, tragic natural disasters in Samoa, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and a new climate bill in the Senate packing the headlines with nail-biting tension. So what do I have to say to all that? Why, it’s nothing an adorable picture of a polar bear cub taking a piggyback ride on its mom’s back can’t fix, right? (Pics)