A Graphical View of 150 Years of American Occupations

occupational changes 401

Job Voyager is a set of interactive charts showing changing occupations reported to the US Census Bureau from 1850-2000. It was made by Jeffrey Heer of the University of California at Berkeley from data collected by the University of Minnesota’s Population Center using the visualization software Flare. You can use the feature to examine the rise and fall of different occupations and gender roles in American history.

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Homing Pigeons Have Built In “GPS”

Homing Pigeons Have Built In “GPS”

Homing pigeons use the Earth’s magnetic field 

Homing pigeons have built in ‘satnav’ that uses Earth’s magnetic field to pinpoint position and help them find their way home, according to a study.  Scientists have suspected for years that birds possess the ability to use the Earth’s magnetic field for their navigation, although it has never been proved beyond doubt.

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