Finland Postal Service To Open Mail And Send Scanned e-Mail Copies




Finland’s postal service is to begin opening household mail and sending scanned copies of letters by email to cut down on costs and pollution. Not even the most intimate love letters, payslips, overdue bills and other personal messages will be spared under the controversial scheme.

The service, aimed at cutting the number of postmen and reducing CO2 emissions in the sparsely-populated country, is being offered on a voluntary basis initially. Volunteers will receive an email or a mobile phone text message as soon as their paper mail has been opened, scanned and sent as an electronic image to a secure digital mailbox, to which only the intended recipient has access.

The “highly automated” process of converting of letters into electronic documents will be conducted in “special, secured premises” where staff are bound by strict confidentiality obligations…

City Rack Has A Built-in Lock To Secure Your Bike

City Rack Has A Built-in Lock To Secure Your Bike 

City Rack

The conceptual City Rack by designers Ilya Tkach and Nikita Gutsalenko has a lock built-in so your can secure your bike – rather than having to chain it up to whatever fence or post you find. It looks like several City Racks can be placed side-by-side, and that they work with a payment system, just like a car meter (though probably not with a time limit). The ring-shaped design of the City Rack’s lock allows you to shore up your bike from many different angles, so you can snag the frame and whichever tire you like.

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Women Bloggers

Women Bloggers

Blogging plays a significant role in the lives of women

A BlogHer survey conducted by Compass Partners found that the blogosphere is playing a significant role in the lives of US women.

The survey estimates that 36.2 million female US Internet users actively participate in blogs every week with 15.1 million publishing at least one post a week and 21.1 reading and commenting at least weekly.

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