Tweet On The Street

Tweet On The Street

Social networking has become the new frontier for public relations 

The sign of the times that was the late February shutdown of the Rocky Mountain News is the result of a long-brewing sea change in the public’s media-consumption habits. It follows that it also represents a sea change in public relations. Less newsprint and fewer newsrooms make for less opportunity for companies to get exposure in traditional media.
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New Xerox Self-Erasing Paper

Xerox New Self-Erasing Paper

 No word on what happens when you write a check on this paper and it erases before the bank can process it.

Xerox knows a thing or to about paper, and they’ve come up with self-erasing paper that can be used over and over again. Not erasable, but self-erasing, leaving you with an entirely blank sheet of paper after 24 hours that you can reuse up to 100 times.

Here’s how it works:

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“If the News is That Important, It Will Find Me”

“If the News is That Important, It Will Find Me” newsroom

The NY Times has an article about how a younger generation of news readers now focus on sharing the news, rather than just consuming it. Mathew Ingram highlights the key sentence in the article, from a college student: “If the news is that important, it will find me.” Very few mainstream publications have grasped that concept, even if some folks have been saying the same thing for years.

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