Night With A Futurist: “The Coming Data Tsunami”

Night With A Futurist: “The Coming Data Tsunami”

 Futurist Speaker, Thomas Frey, DaVinci Institute

Rocky Radar:  Monday’s Night with a Futurist featured Thomas Frey’s thoughts on “The Coming Data Tsunami.” Simply, this coming tidal wave exists because the rate of data creation is about to explode and exceed all solutions to store, transmit, process and extract value from the data. At the core of Frey’s thoughts on the subject is what he calls the cumulative law of information value. To paraphrase, this law says that more information, or data reserves, is more valuable and that this value grows exponentially. An important addendum to this law is that that a lag time exists between data creation and when the value from that data can be extracted. With this view on the value of information in place – postulating that it could even be a currency of the future – Frey went on to explore the challenges expected as the volume of information explodes.

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E-Fuel100 MicroFueler: A Personal Refinery

E-Fuel100 MicroFueler:  A Personal Refinery

E-Fuel100 MicroFueler 

Meet the EFuel100 MicroFueler, which parent company E-Fuel says is the “world’s first home ethanol product.” It’s a personal refinery system that hooks up to a water source, a power source, and a waste water disposal outlet–“just like a washing machine,” as Floyd Butterfield, E-Fuel’s vice president of biofuels and technology, described to reporters in a press conference Thursday in New York.

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Zon – Most Innovative Technology In A Hearing Aid

Zon Hearing Aid Concept 

 Zon Hearing Aid

There are a few who understand technology and even lesser know something of design. Starkey’s designed ‘zon hearing aid’ is a result of a defined approach from the seekers who know them both. What’s cooking in the design clinic isn’t known before it is out, but competitions that honor designs deserve credit for revealing the unknown. Stuart Karten’s design of the hearing aid bagged the people’s design award at the National Design Awards, and that is where it came known from. Zon hearing aid is one perfect device within too – housing the latest and most innovative technologies, from BluWaveTM signal processing to best feedback interceptors to a Directional Speech Detectors, making the audibility near perfect in all circumstances.

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