In The Business World Nice Guys Finish First, Study Shows

In The Business World Nice Guys Finish First According To Study 

Nice guys finish first in the business world 

When it comes to leading a team tasked with developing new products and bringing them to market, new research from North Carolina State University shows that being nice and playing well with others gives you a very real competitive advantage. One new study shows that project managers can get much better performance from their team when they treat team members with honesty, kindness and respect. A second study shows that product development teams can reap significant quality and cost benefits from socializing with people who work for their suppliers.

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Your Butt is Wasting the Rainforest


Cleanliness at a high cost.

Here’s something for you to ponder the next time you’re in the bathroom: American’s love for soft toilet paper is ecologically hard on forests!

… fluffiness comes at a price: millions of trees harvested in North America and in Latin American countries, including some percentage of trees from rare old-growth forests in Canada. Although toilet tissue can be made at similar cost from recycled material, it is the fiber taken from standing trees that help give it that plush feel, and most large manufacturers rely on them.

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Sleep Sound Generator Product Review



Sleep Sound Generator Makes White Noise

 Being a light sleeper and living in coyote land has made for some restless nights, so my quest for the babbling brook, the ocean wave, the “nature sounds” of tweeting birds, and the white noise gadgets that might help me sleep knows no bounds or expense.

A few weeks ago, my mother gave me a hand-me-down from my grandmother. It was the Original Sleep Sound Generator that my grandmother bought more than 30 years ago from Hammacher Schlemmer. Can you believe it’s still functioning?

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Business Veterans to Help Inventions Spring to Life

DaVinci Institute’s Inventor Boot Camp – 2008

It all starts with an epiphany. Every invention begins with a single “eureka moment” or some “brilliant revelation” that causes the inventor to take action.

These epiphanies become the idea seeds that will eventually get planted around the world. But we can only wish the process was as simple as adding water and fertilizer and waiting for the ideas to spring to life.

Inventions are not just patents to be hung on a wall. They are the starting point for a new business enterprise. So, not only does the inventor have to figure out how to create a working product or device, they also have to drive their invention towards a business model that will enable it to survive. And that’s where we come in.


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Sex Product Show Spices Up Shanghai


Sex products always attract an interesting crowd

It would seem a fair bet that the world’s most populous nation would also be the most sexually active. But despite prolific reproduction, recent history has given China the image of a country where sex is taboo.  However, sex is no longer a taboo in China and Shanghai’s third ADCEXPO adult toy and sexual health exhibition is destined to change the image.
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