In Search of a Bigger Baby Earth

 In Search of a Bigger Baby Earth

Why does the planet act like a giant magnet?
One scientist is building his own Earth to find out

Dan Lathrop needs a bigger Earth. His old one is two feet across and 500 pounds, about 20 millionths the size of the real thing. And after four years of tests, it failed to generate a magnetic field similar to the real Earth’s, which shields us from the sun’s radiation and guides some navigation systems by pointing compasses north.

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GT5p Pod – In Quest of the Ultimate Gamer Station

GT5p Pod - In Quest of the Ultimate Gamer Station

When fun matters more than money…

Racing into the virtual world, we have featured several simulators that are customized and modified to satiate the hunger and desire of those seeking the ultimate in the speeding arena. The latest is the GT5P Pod that is believed to be one of a kind. Fitted with a 40″ LCD and a PS3 with DFGT, this cockpit is estimated to crash into your vault to rip off about $15,000. (Pics)

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Sex in Space – The Ultimate Quest

Sex in Space - The Ultimate Quest

If your only motivation for going into space is in hopes of finding your next great
sexual experience, you are no longer a useful member of society

An increasing number of couples expressing their desire to have sex in space have become a cause of concern for scientists, says a report.

The experts do not think that it would be possible to have intercourse in space. “We’ve had a variety of people inquire about it,” Daily Star quoted Will Whitehorn, president of Virgin Galactic, whose boss Richard Branson hopes to put tourists into space next year, as saying.

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