First Look: Mission One Electric Motorcycle


As sleek and sexy as an electric motorcycle gets these days.

Take a gander at the Mission One, the plug-in electric motorcycle from Mission Motors. With a 150-mile range and a top speed of 150 silent miles per hour, all wrapped up in a Yves Béhar design, the Mission One isn’t a crotch rocket-it’s a crotch whisper (in a good way).

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Gartner Predicts Open Source Will Quietly Take Over

Gartner Predicts Open Source Will Quietly Take Over

In a few years’ time, almost all businesses will use open source, according to Gartner; even though IT managers may be unaware of it, and prefer to talk about fashions such as software as a service.

Open-source promoters have welcomed the endorsement by what is seen as a conservative commentator, but predict the changes will go further than Gartner assumes.

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