Reclaim – A Cellphone Made From Corn

reclaim_box 473

Sprint and Samsung are ready to demonstrate their great love for the Earth. The two companies have just introduced the Reclaim, a super-eco cellphone made from 80 percent recycled materials. The device — a stout, sliding, QWERTY message-friendly model — is constructed from “bio-plastic” materials made from corn, is free of PVC, and mostly free of BFR (brominated flame retardants)… which are apparently pretty bad. The phone also has a 2 megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, can accept microSD cards (we assume) up to 32GB, and has Sprint Navigation onboard.

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Combimouse: The Crazy New Computer Input Device



The Combimouse was invented by Ari Zagnoev. Like its name implies, the Combimouse combines a qwerty keyboard with a mouse, resulting in a wtf-inducing, but allegedly functional bizarro thing. The idea behind the Combimouse is to create an “effortless transition between keyboard and mouse operation” by integrating the mouse into the right half of the conventional keyboard. Enough of that crap. I know you just want to see what it looks like:

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Hunt n’ Peck Keyboard


Keyboarding for dummies

There are those who have never learned how to type. These people use a method called hunt n peck. Understandably, these people have a hard time trying to hunt and peck on a normal keyboard. With this keyboard, just hit the ABC key and it will switch to alphabetical order, making it easier to find the key you need. Continue reading… “Hunt n’ Peck Keyboard”


Grippity Keyboard

Grippity Keyboard 

 The Grippity

The Grippity is a crazy-looking device that’s designed to completely change the way you type. You hold it in your hands and type from the back, as you’re able to see through the keyboard to your fingers behind it. There are controls for your thumbs up top as well, allowing you to fully control a computer using a grip reminiscent of a video game controller.

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