Freelancers: Work for Full Price or Free, Never Cheap

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How much should you charge?
Common advice given to new freelancers dictates they should never do work for free. Designer Paul Scriven offers a smart counterpoint, suggesting that freelancers should either “work for free or for full price. Never for cheap.”His reasoning:

If you do a job for free you can control the expectations of the client. You can tell them what the boundaries are and what they should expect of you. When they aren’t paying anything they don’t want to overstep those boundaries to piss you off. They are thankful for any work that they can get out of you…

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Identity Theft Rates Among Top Banks

Identity Theft Rates Among Top Banks

Consumers, regulators, and businesses lack objective tools to compare the incidence of identity theft across financial institutions and without such tools, consumers cannot ‘vote with their feet’ and choose safer institutions.

Now a study by Chris Hoofnagle has analyzed 88,000 complaints submitted by victims to the FTC over a three month period in 2006 and found that Bank of America ranked highest of all firms in the study, with an average of 1,117 incidents over a three-month period. Revealing graphs after the jump.

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