Ultrathin Rechargable Electic Bike


ver2 electric bike

Industrial designer Yuji Fujimura has developed a unique concept bike utilizing a lithium-ion battery. This means that the bike is  rechargeable as well as reliable for long term use. The ver2 battery will provide power to the motor, so that this bike can be used as an electric bike or electric motor cycle. When ver2 is in motor cycle mode, both pedals will set themselves at the lowest position. (Pics)


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Rechargeable Zinc-Ion Batteries Store 3 Times The Energy Of Lithium-Ion Batteries


This graphic illustrates the multilayered structure of a ReVolt rechargeable zinc-air battery.

A Swiss company says it has developed rechargeable zinc-air batteries that can store three times the energy of lithium ion batteries, by volume, while costing only half as much. ReVolt, of Staefa, Switzerland, plans to sell small “button cell” batteries for hearing aids starting next year and to incorporate its technology into ever larger batteries, introducing cell-phone and electric bicycle batteries in the next few years. It is also starting to develop large-format batteries for electric vehicles.

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The Search For The Perfect Battery


The Economist has an interesting article on the next big thing in automotive industry: the quest in search of the perfect battery.

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which helped to make the mobile-phone revolution possible in the past decade, are now expected to power the increasing electrification of the car. “They are clearly the next step,” says Mary Ann Wright, the boss of Johnson Controls-Saft Advanced Power Solutions, a joint venture that recently opened a factory in France to produce lithium-ion batteries for hybrid vehicles.

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