Venus Flytrap for Nuclear Waste: New Material Finds ‘Needle in a Haystack,’ Shows Promise for Clean-Up


The open windows of the metal-sulfide material allow cesium (Cs) ions to enter the structure. Like a Venus flytrap, the entrance of cesium ions in the cavity triggers a window-closing response to permanently encapsulate the ion.

Not every object is food to a Venus flytrap. Like the carnivorous plant, a new material developed at Northwestern University permanently traps only its desired prey, the radioactive ion cesium, and not other harmless ions like sodium.

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Major Advance in Organic Solar Cells


Postdoctoral student Greg Welch removing a sample from the microwave reactor.

Professor Guillermo Bazan and a team of postgraduate researchers at UC Santa Barbara’s Center for Polymers and Organic Solids (CPOS)  have announced a major advance in the synthesis of organic polymers for plastic solar cells.

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Orange Peels help clean up Dirty Water



“Orange peel ” Jump out of your garbage to help clean water”

Highly colored industrial waste water is a serious environmental problem as it seriously discolors waterways as well as blocking sunlight for photosynthesizing plant species in the water. Now, researchers in Algeria have discovered that nothing more sophisticated than orange peel could be used to remove acidic dyes from industrial effluent…

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