Researchers Say Acoustic Levitation Could Save Equipment On Mars

Rovers may have been able to endure life on Mars longer than anyone expected, but things could be more tricky for any sort of long-term exploration, where dust could cause equipment to grind to a halt or even pose a risk to human explorers. Some researchers from the University of Vermont now say they might have an answer to that problem, however, and it’s not too far removed from levitating fish.

Color Has A Significant Effect On How People Think And Act


Winners wear red

IMAGINE you are an experienced martial arts referee. You are asked to score a number of taekwondo bouts, shown to you on video. In each bout, one combatant is wearing red, the other blue. Would clothing colour make any difference to your impartial, expert judgement? Of course it wouldn’t.


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Wearable Hummingbird Feeder


The feeder is based on a Professional Grade Fully Adjustable Full Face Face Shield. These cost $20, are built sturdily with an excellent Hi-Impact and very clear face shield. But they only come in blue. We put several coats of red Krylon on the head piece after we drill some holes for attaching the upper holder for the miniaturized feeding tube.

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The Fine Art of Meat

The Fine Art of Meat

Decaying before your very eyes

Meat After Meat Joy is a group exhibition of contemporary artists who use meat in their work, currently running at the Daneyal Mahmood Gallery in New York City. Curated by Heide Hatry, the show’s title refers Carolee Schneemann’s performance/happening Meat Joy (1964, embedded below), itself projected in the gallery. The show features sculpture, photography, painting, and video pieces “in order to investigate the paradoxical relationship meat has to the body.” (Pics)

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