Scientists Determine That Goldfish Can Feel Pain

Scientists Determine That Goldfish Can Feel Pain

It is a question that has puzzled scientists – and anglers – for generations, but now a team of researchers claims to have demonstrated that fish do feel pain.  

Whilst the creatures can clearly be seen to react to a jab or blow, experts have disagreed over whether the reaction indicates a sensation of pain, or is little more than a basic reflex.

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Crabs Feel Pain and Remember It


Not so good news for crustacean lovers.  According to a research from Queen’s University Belfast researchers, crabs not only feel pain, but also remember it.  Professor Bob Elwood and Mirjam Appel, whose study was published in the journal Animal Behavior,  used electric shocks on hermit crabs to determine their response to unpleasant external stimuli.

Wires were attached to shells to deliver the small shocks to the abdomen of the some of the crabs within the shells.The only crabs to get out of their shells were those which had received shocks, indicating that the experience is unpleasant for them. This shows that central neuronal processing occurs rather than the response merely being a reflex.

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Bionic Hands With Gel-filled Fingertips Give Greater Sensitivity

Bionic Hands May Help Person “Feel” Objects 

 Bionic Hand With Gel-filled Fingertips

If things go well, prostheses may soon help a person “feel” too. Bionic hands with gelled fingertips may be the answer to provide the wearer with a sense of touch and sensitivity. This may even help them instinctively hold objects, because humans have a built-in reflex that responds to vibrations. The top part of the bionic hands are now going to consist of a rubber skin filled with thick silicon gel. If an object should slip, the elastic skin transmits the vibrations through the gel to acoustic sensors, which provide instant feedback, and the motors can tighten their grip. Also, the finger’s bone is covered with electrodes, which change the electric conduction according to the pressure that helps the user to feel.

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