Women Respond Better In Person, Men Via Email

Women Respond Better In Person, Men Via Email

Research shows that men and women respond differently to persuasion

Want to persuade a woman? Do it in person instead of taking the online route, for a new study has revealed that the fair sex responds better in face-to-face encounters, while men can be easily swayed by an email.

Researchers have found that although internet has made negotiations faster and more convenient in some cases, women still tend to prefer social interaction to be truly convinced as they are more relationship-minded.

But, men generally prefer an email because it bypasses their competitive tendencies.
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Why It’s OK to Settle for Mr. Good Enough


Actually, he may be Mr. Good Enough

Still holding out for Mr. Right, even as middle age quickly approaches? Don’t hold your breath, says Lori Gottlieb. Here, the
author and single mom explains why true love may be a fantasy — and why that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Excerpted from “Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough” from the March 2008 issue of The Atlantic magazine.
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The Art of the Female Orgasm

Face of Orgasm 712

The ecstasy of the orgasm

By puritanical society norms, the female orgasm is an event seldom witnessed, and virtually never recorded. However, for the new age of modern women, the orgasm is a thing of beauty. Shown here is a collection of some of the finest moments in human history. (Pics)


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