Relief In The Form Of Inflatable Hospitals

Here’s how it works. Air is pumped into the columns and beams that support the structure, which are made of heavy material like that found in inflatable lifeboats. Air is also pumped into walls and roofs made of two layers of nylon about 18 inches apart when inflated. The air gives them stiffness and insulating qualities.
Amidst all the heartbreaking stories out of Haiti these past two weeks, I was impressed to see that Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) was deploying an inflatable hospital. An inflatable hospital? What a great idea!
FSI North America produces the inflatable hospital, although they aren’t the only manufacturer selling such buildings. It is listed in their catalog under Multi Purpose Rapid Deploy Shelters. The buildings they sell range from 100 square feet to 1,850 square feet. For the Doctors Without Borders hospital, several buildings are tied together.

Insulair is a Stylish Breath of Relief for Diabetics


The Breath of Life for Some

Designed by Bang & Olufsen Medicom, the Insulair’s attractive design may just save you or your kids from a few beatings out in the schoolyard. Inhalers for diabetics such as the Insulair represent a newer way to treat the syndrome. It also overcomes an inherent problem with inhalers, especially for diabetics: the often unequal amount of medicine delivered with each spray.

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