Wageningen University’s Restaurant of the Future


The Restaurant of the Future is run by scientists at the Wageningen University to investigate influences on eating behaviour and to carry out studies for the food industry

The Restaurant of the Future at Wageningen University in the Netherlands looks like a staff canteen of the present — well lit, comfortable. There is, sad to report, no freeze-dried ice cream in pellets or nano-nutraceuticals piped straight to your lower gut.  The future of food includes baby purée to improve brain power, beauty drinks to smooth wrinkles and chocolates to help you slim.


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Is Amazon Becoming the Wal-Mart of the Web?


Amazon is shaking up retailers, both big rivals and small independent stores.

THE hum of 102 rooftop air conditioners and a chorus of beeping electric carts provide the acoustic backdrop in Amazon.com’s 605,000-square-foot distribution facility on this city’s west side. But the center’s employees can almost always hear Terry Jones.  On a recent summer afternoon, Mr. Jones, an “inbound support associate” making $12 an hour, steered a hand-pushed cart through the packed aisles and shouted his location to everyone in earshot: “Cart coming through. Yup! Watch yourself, please!” Mr. Jones explained that he was just making his time at Amazon “joyful and fun” while complying with the company’s rigorous safety rules.


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Study Shows Parents Unaware How Much Their Children Make Them Buy

Study Shows Parents Unaware How Much Their Children Make Them Buy


The influence children wield over their parents’ purchase decisions at the point of sale is grossly underestimated by parents. This was shown in a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Vienna, Austria. According to the study by consumer researchers Claus Ebster and Udo Wagner, twice as many purchases in supermarkets are triggered by children than their parents are aware of. The study was published in the internationally renowned Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services.

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Yotify: Making Search Social

Yotify:  Making Search Social 

A new engine can turn a difficult search into a communal quest.  Looking for an apartment online, day after day, can get tedious. Finding the right sofa at the right price can also be time consuming. A new search engine, called Yotify, is designed to make these kinds of persistent quests more tolerable, and hopefully more successful.

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