Obesity Surgery Reverses Diabetes in Teens

 Obesity surgery reverses diabetes in teens

Fighting the bonds of obesity

Obesity surgery can reverse diabetes in teens, just as it does in adults, according to a small study. All but one of the 11 extremely obese teens studied saw their diabetes disappear within a year after weight-loss surgery, the researchers reported. The 11th patient still had diabetes, but needed much less insulin and stopped taking diabetes pills.

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Reverse Graffiti Artist Documentary


Reverse Graffiti or Atomic Explosion?

A few months ago, “reverse graffiti” artist Moose traveled to San Francisco where he created a lovely mural by cleaning grime from the walls of San Francisco’s Broadway Tunnel. Moose calls himself a “professor of dirt.” Documentary filmmaker Doug Pray (Scratch, Hype!, etc.) made a short film about the artwork.

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