Helicopter Robots Collaborate To Work Together

Helicopter Robots Collaborate To Work Together 

For the first time, the Laboratory for Autonomous Flying Robots (awesome, I know) at the Berlin Institute of Technology has used three autonomous helicopters to transport a load together, cooperating without any human intervention. It’s a big step forward for collaborative robots, which many experts believe is the wave of the future.

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Can Robots Evolve? On Building the “Conscious” Machine…


How would you build a conscious machine? Well to begin with I’d get Life Insurance and then take my brain and put it in a jar and freeze my body. Then hundreds of years later wake me up and transplant me into an IronMan. Yes, I partially got that idea from the movie IronMan and from Futurama. I’m still going to do it though. But more to the point, Christof Koch and Giulio Tononi both have good points of in their articles that they wrote on consciousness and robots.

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A Perfect Woman? She’s No Lady, She’s a ‘BOT


Bot dating has become a serious problem in Japan

A lady with no mood swings, doesn’t throw tantrums if asked to run errands, offers a divine massage without acting ‘hard to get’ and is full of energy all through the day…..impossible? Eat your words ‘coz LISA is what you have always expected from a woman – Perfection. It’s time for the spoiler, this lady is actually a robotic product from AI Robotics.

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Tiny Robotic Hand Has Strong Grip

Robotic Hand

Scientists have developed a pair of robotic hands that are both strong and sensitive

The tweezers can guide themselves to pick up and move individual cells without damaging them, and have a grip that can be as slight as 20 nanoNewtons of force. In fact, so advanced are the little grippers, that they can be hitched up to a microscope and, with the right software, function without human control. More below.

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