Room Light Saves Energy



Smart light

“Auto-eco Light-control Twin Pa” is a real mouthful but once ordered and installed, you may never need to refer to it again. That’s because this environmentally friendly ceiling lamp automatically adjusts its brightness level to light rooms evenly, no matter what time of day or night it is, regardless of outside weather conditions. Continue reading… “Room Light Saves Energy”

TM Italia Remote Control Kitchens

TM Italia Remote Control Kitchens 

 Remote Control Kitchen By TM Italia

Without a doubt, the kitchen is the part of the home that really needs to be kicked up with the reason to put across one’s self in this very expressive room. Famed kitchen designer and manufacturer TM Italia now wishes to impress all the modern cooks with their new and exclusive Petra and the Mondrian kitchen designs.

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FingerFood Solves The Cocktail Party Problem

FingerFood Solves The Cocktail Party Problem

FingerFood By designer Ken Goldman 

Take one look at this idea and you know it’s a good one. You’ve been there: you’re at a cocktail party, hungry enough to eat a horse, but you don’t have enough hands to hold your drink, a heaping plate of tasty vittles and a fork, and still be able to shake hands with everyone as you work the room.

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Augmented Reality Gaming by Julian Oliver


Using tilt motions, the player moves a character through rooms

LevelHead is a spatial memory game by Julian Oliver that uses a hand-held solid-plastic cube as its only interface. On-screen it appears each face of the cube contains a little room, each of which are logically connected by doors.

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Optical Tone Room Offers Psychedelic Trip Without Illegal Substances


Totally Tonal Trip

As technology merges ever more seamlessly with our everyday life, the intersection between art and technology has become increasingly more common. Bleeding-edge Japanese artist Mutoh Tsutomu takes this art approach into new realms with his Optical Tone installation that uses LED light spectrums in concert with sensors that interact with visitors to create original light compositions.

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Introducing The Time Capsule Room

The Library of the Future Series - Part 1 - The Time Capsule Room

Perhaps the most engaging way to create a good community archive is through the development of a “Time Capsule Room” in the library.

Most libraries will find that the Time Capsule Room takes on a personality of its own, as local people begin to participate in populating the spaces. Ideas about what constitutes a Time Capsule Room will vary from city to city, but it is the ability to differentiate, uniqueness of operation, and variety of perspectives that will give a dimension of personality to the library.

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