Fone Fling Fashion – A Unique Way to Carry a Cell Phone Next to Your Body

Fone Fling Fashion

Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2010

A unique way for cell phone users to have their cell phone snug and secure, plus continue on with business as usual. Having your cell phone next to your body is not only convenient, but wouldn’t the world be more peaceful place without the sound of cell phones ringing.  Plus, you don’t have to miss a call from your loved ones and you can carry on with business as usual. (PICS)


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Knitting Clock

Clocking Up A Newly Knitted Scarf

Industrial designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen made a clock that knits a 2-meter scarf over the course of one year. It’s called “365″, and its purpose is:

[…]to give a physical manifestation to the change of time. drawing from the change that is witnessed through the growth of human bodies and hair, the same concept is found in ‘365′ which translates time through the growth of knitted material. the clock houses a circular knitting machine with 48 needles, a thread spool, a thread holder and roll of yarn. moving in clockwise direction, one day leads to a complete round, while a year gives users 2 meters of a complete scarf.

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