Cutting Thru the Fog with NASA’s Chandra X-ray Orbiting Observatory


Its Visine for space

When you look up on a dark, clear, moonless night, you might just see a faint fuzzy streak cutting across the sky. That’s the Milky Way, called that because it looks like milk has spilled across the sky.

But when you look at it through a telescope, it resolves itself into millions upon millions of stars. Faint and tightly packed, they merge together, forming a fuzzy streak because we lack the resolution in our eyes to separate out the stars. Continue reading… “Cutting Thru the Fog with NASA’s Chandra X-ray Orbiting Observatory”


Turntable Built From Motorbike Parts


Well if it rumbles as much as a Harley he will be looking for a lot of spare parts

Take a couple of intake valves from a Harley-Davison Shovelhead engine, a few blocks of (thick) plywood, a cheap stepper motor and a handful of other leftovers and what do you get? Why, a mellow sounding, home-made record player, of course. Continue reading… “Turntable Built From Motorbike Parts”


2 Person City Cruiser


Is it a rolling trash can, or a covered wheelchair? I don’t know but it appears to be a major accident waiting to happen.

I think it is safe to say that almost everyone remembers the Segway Scooter and how many different reactions it brought from different people. Segway has since remained under the radar for the most part, until just recently when they and GM partnered up to make a small city transport dubbed PUMA. Continue reading… “2 Person City Cruiser”


Nazi Supercows


Holy Cow!!

CATTLE bred by Nazi geneticists can be spotted in Britain for the first time, peacefully wandering around a farm in the Westcountry.

Before the Second World War, Adolf Hitler recruited zoologist brothers Heinz and Lutz Heck to breed back into life the mighty aurochs.

The huge rhino-sized beast features heavily in Teutonic folklore, but had been hunted to extinction in Europe by 1627. Continue reading… “Nazi Supercows”


Wheat Impervious To Death


Super wheat comes to save the day

The gene for death has been isolated — and reversed — by scientists. Not a bad day’s work, you might say, and a bright ray of light in this dark winter of gloomy news reports.

Sorry, it’s not the death of human beings that’s at issue. But it is a gene for death that’s embedded in a plant on which we all directly depend each day. Continue reading… “Wheat Impervious To Death”


Is There A Chance Apple-Jabbing Ads Could Backfire?


The never ending battle

Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) dusted off one of its favorite Apple (NSDQ:AAPL) arguments this week, rolling out new television and Web ads which claim that PCs are cheaper than Macs and offer a broader range of configuration options.

Microsoft’s channel partners love the ads — and, as it turns out, so do many Apple partners, albeit for different reasons. Continue reading… “Is There A Chance Apple-Jabbing Ads Could Backfire?”


X-Ray Glasses Are Here


For all those closet peeping toms out there

Remember those ads in the back of comic books with the crazy X-ray glasses? You know… they had plastic frames and cardboard eye-covers with holes in them (presumably so you wouldn’t face-plant while walking); and the cardboard had these wild spirals on them…

And they never worked. Ever. How many of us were suckered in by the lure of seeing through a girl’s shirt? Not that we really would’ve known what we were looking at, but still… it was taboo. And so we bought these pieces of trash and… nothing. Very disappointing.

Until now. Continue reading… “X-Ray Glasses Are Here”


New Prius


It was just a matter of time before they decided to slap a big old solar panel on top of your car. Next there will be wind turbines included as an option.

Toyota just unveiled its new Toyota Prius, and it takes its eco-friendliness to the next level. Yes, it’s still a hybrid that gets excellent gas mileage but now it also comes with a giant solar panel on the roof to soak up the sun’s rays and convert them into energy to power your stereo and air conditioner. Continue reading… “New Prius”


The 7 Creepiest Robots


Talking to yourself reaches a whole new level

Scientists say they can now build near-perfect replications of a human being, and that they finally have the technology to bring the inanimate to life.

Scientists are liars. Here are seven robots that reached for “life-like,” and came up with a big handful of your worst nightmares. Continue reading… “The 7 Creepiest Robots”