Sculpture Brick – Innovative Brick for the 21st Century


Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Sculpture Brick is the newest veneer application process on the market today. Over the past 30 years this product has been developed into what is now patented versatile mortar enhancement process that simulates the appearance and texture of brick, but at up to half the cost. It can provide you with a “value engineering ” option that can save thousands of dollars when compared to traditional brick.


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The Amazing 3D Sand Animation of Kseniya Simonova


(YouTube Link)

Kseniya Simonova is a Ukrainian artist who creates sand drawings in front of audiences. Here she is performing on Ukraine’s Got Talent:

Here, she recounts Germany conquering Ukraine in the second world war….

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Sebastien Wiernick’s OnSite Installations Sculptured Furniture

Sebastien Wiernick’s OnSite Installations Sculptured Furniture

Temporary installation at the gallery Into Art&Furniture, Berlin, Germany

Since 2002, Belgian designer Sebastien Wierinck has been creating his installations of sculptural furniture made of flexible polyethylene tubes. From public benches to cafe seating to temporary installations, his pieces always challenge the way people view and interact with environmental space. (Pics)

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Kryptos: Code The CIA Can’t Crack

Kryptos:  Code The CIA Can’t Crack

The sculpture named Kryptos 

The most celebrated inscription at the Central Intelligence Agency’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia, used to be the biblical phrase chiseled into marble in the main lobby: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” But in recent years, another text has been the subject of intense scrutiny inside the Company and out: 865 characters of seeming gibberish, punched out of half-inch-thick copper in a courtyard.

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Gurkhas Win Award Making Awesome Lard Sculptures


Now THAT’s what I call a Lard Statue!

Army Gurkha chefs are celebrating winning a prestigious award after making eye-catching sculptures from lard. The soldiers shaped the ivory-like statues with their bare hands. Each intricate carving took around 100 hours to create.

Chefs from the Queens Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment won catering awards for sculptures including a dragon and a Buddha statue.

Lance Corporal Amrit Limbu, 27, used three 11lbs blocks of lard to create the Buddha statue, working for up to 12 hours a day for eight days. He made an inner structure from wire and muslin before adding the animal fat.
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“Chillin Out” in the Desert Kingdom of Dubai

Chillin Out in Dubai Thomas Frey

 “The glass was even colder than I expected”

Thomas Frey: Dubai is known for its strange and unusual features, but there’s something extraordinarily mesmerizing about seeing a restaurant made out of ice in the middle of a hot desert. The Chill Out restaurant is located in the center of the Time Square Mall in Dubai. Nearly everything inside is made out of ice, and the food is amazingly good. (Pics)


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Sound Art By Kim Kuchul

Sound Art By Kim Kuchul 

The work of Kim Kichul is something that delves very deep in to both the scientific world as well as the spiritual world. It is one of the most amazing works of abstract art which Kim puts in the form of a definite science and uses to try and find a spiritual metaphor to the physical world. In its amalgamation of the three most different subjects of study and crafting them in a fashion where the compliment and enhance one another is a the work of a master who wishes not only to take his art to a new level but to find answers to question that have eluded man forever. Kim’s attempt to put Sound in to a visual form and his idea that vision and sound are not as dissimilar as we make them out to be, is simply awesome!

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