World’s First Shark Sanctuary Created In Palau


The tiny Pacific nation of Palau is creating the world’s first shark sanctuary, a biological hotspot to protect great hammerheads, leopard sharks, oceanic whitetip sharks and more than 130 other species fighting extinction in the Pacific Ocean. But with only one boat to patrol 240,000 square miles (621,600 square kilometers) of Palau’s newly protected waters — including its exclusive economic zone, or EEZ, that extends 200 miles (320 kilometers) from its coastline — enforcement of the new measure could be almost like swimming against the tide.


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House on the Water by Formodesign


House on the Water

Our friends from formodesign sent us House on the Water, a self-sufficient house for nomadic life offshore. Designed as a rental house for people who want to be independent it’s available only through water. It is located by Navagio beach, NW coast of the Greek Zante island. (Pics)


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Rarely Photographed Piglet Squid Caught On Camera


This bizarre sea creature looks happy with its lot in life as it appears to be smiling broadly.

The rarely photographed piglet squid was captured on film at a rescue aquarium.  Its tentacles and skin patterns have formed an adorable shape of a small smiling face with what looks like curly locks on his head.


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Seasteading: Autonomous Ocean Communities


Overall Winner: The Swimming City — András Gyõrfi

The Seasteading Institute, committed to the ongoing development of ocean communities, has just announced the winners of their first annual design content. Could people really end up living in these hypothetical off-shore communities? (Pics)

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Tracking Penguins From Space

Tracking Penguins From Space

This satellite image shows white Antarctic ice stained brown by Emperor penguin guano  

Satellite images have picked up giant red-brown stains on the pristine white sea ice, indicating the presence of thousands of penguins.

It meant that researchers for the British Antarctic Survey were able to locate every colony on the continent for the first time ever.

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U.S. Sea Levels Could Rise Significantly Due To Greenland’s Melting Ice

U.S. Sea Levels Could Rise Significantly Due To Greenland’s Melting Ice

An iceberg is pictured in Ilulissat fjord in Greenland

New York, Boston and other cities on North America’s northeast coast could face a rise in sea level this century that would exceed forecasts for the rest of the planet if Greenland’s ice sheet keeps melting as fast as it is now, researchers said on Wednesday.

Sea levels off the northeast coast of North America could rise by 12 to 20 inches more than other coastal areas if the Greenland glacier-melt continues to accelerate at its present pace, the researchers reported.

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Shark Submarine Allows Divers A Close-Up View


Hey didn’t they steal this idea from Jaws

Growing up on the beach in Florida, I’ve had my little run-ins with these eating machines.

The most notable of these encounters happened when I was in high school. Summer in Florida demands multiple visits to the beach. In this instance I was body surfing. I saw a slight difference in the current, then felt something like sandpaper scrape against my leg. The both fins broke the surface (the tail fin is level with the dorsal fin-that’s the easiest way to tell that it’s a shark and not a dolphin). Continue reading… “Shark Submarine Allows Divers A Close-Up View”


Huge Sea Worm Captured


Be the coolest kid on the block with one of these wonderful creature slithering around in your aquarium

Staff at a British aquarium have captured a massive sea worm that had been terrorizing other aquatic life.
For months, the 4-foot-long creature — which staffers call “Barry” — had been devastating coral reef at Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium, the Daily Mail newspaper reported Tuesday. The menacing monster also apparently injured a Tang fish. Continue reading… “Huge Sea Worm Captured”