T-34 Security ‘bot


Good thing it only shoots webs not bullets

From the “Aren’t you a little short to be a Terminator?” school of design comes the squat Tmsuk T-34, which, while it won’t cut you down at the ankles (nor is it a Soviet tank), packs a powerful net-launching mechanism that wraps opponents in a web like Spider-Man’s. Continue reading… “T-34 Security ‘bot”


Hello Bob


They really need these installed on the front doors of all of those subdivision homes that look exactly the same

Hello Bob. You’re really drunk aren’t you? Your room is on the seventh floor. This is the fifth floor. Turn around and make your first left to the elevator.”

Perhaps Estonian designers Jan Graps and Ken Ruut imagined scenarios like this when they designed “Bob,” an internal navigation system (INS) for a hotel. But Bob is more than an INS, Bob is also a security system. Continue reading… “Hello Bob”