Epileptic Artist To Induce Seizure On Stage

seizure Rita_Marcalo

Artist, Rita Marcalo, who has suffered epileptic seizures in private for 20 years is attempting to induce one for a public performance. Ms Marcalo has stopped taking medication ahead of next month’s production entitled Involuntary Dances which she claims is to raise awareness of the condition.

But she is facing criticism for putting herself at risk and the voyeuristic nature of the 24-hour event which is being funded by a 13,889 Arts Council grant.

People will be invited to film her at Bradford Playhouse, West Yorkshire, where she will use strobe lighting, fasting and raising her body temperature to try and bring about a seizure.

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Root Cause of Epilepsy Found

Root Cause of Epilepsy Found

If only we all had glowing brains like this dude, we’d know what’s happening in there

Researchers in the United States said that they had found the key to a decades-old riddle over epileptic fits, helping to advance the quest for new treatments for this disabling condition.

Experiments in the last century found that by breathing carbon dioxide (CO²), an epileptic patient boosted acid levels in the brain and could terminate a fit, although the molecular switch for achieving this was veiled in mystery.

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