Self-Service Wine Pumps Coming to U.S. Supermarkets


The 500-liter Self-Serve Wine Vendor.

It seems like we get everything from automated vending kiosks these days, from cash to DVDs to postal service to gasoline. The French have simply taken the next logical step. Putting a modern (and greener) spin on an old way of doing business, a French vendor has begun selling wine by volume from 500- and 1,000-liter vending pumps in French supermarkets. All customers need is a container.


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Hotels of the Future? The Qbic Hotel Offers a Cool and Futuristic Design for the Budget Conscious Traveler


The Cubi is a cube-shaped state-of-the-art living space

What’s a Cubi? It is the alternative name for the accommodations provided by the line of Qbic hotels appearing in the Netherlands. The Cubi is a cube-shaped living space that is the epitome of efficiency and practicality. Not only are they totally unique in their design, but they also incorporate radical décor and furnishings too. (pics)


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Smart Self-Service Scales

Smart Self-Service Scales

Expensive fruit will help you remember the number for expensive fruit

German researchers have developed intelligent self-service scales for supermarkets, able to recognize fruit or vegetables placed on them. The scales automatically recognize the item being weighed and ask the customer to choose between only those icons that are relevant, such as various kinds of tomatoes. The scales are equipped with a camera and an image evaluation algorithm that compares the image of the item on the scale with images stored in its database. Store managers can add items to the database. The scales are now being tested in about 300 supermarkets across Europe.

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